In April the lake will be drawn down.   It is possible for it to be drawn down as soon as April first it all depends on when the ice goes out.  All of the ice in the lake needs to be out before the draw-down can start.

When the lake gets drawn the water level can only go down four inches a day.  As the ice and snow melt enters the lake that will increase the volume of water in the lake.  It will take over a month to fully draw-down the lake.   If we have enough money we can keep the lake levels until May 2012.  The mouth of the lake is choked off by marsh and there is four feet of muck.  When the lake is drawn down it will dry out and compact.  When the lake is refilled the muck will stay in this new compacted state.  This will hopfully open up the channel.  With the opening of the channel water should flow well within the lake and hopfully keep the weeds down.

As we learn more we will post it and keep the page updated.