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About the website and study

This website, which is technically used under the format of a blog, is really meant to be an informative website for those who wish to understand what the high school students are doing in an effort to ‘save the lake’.  We used this format because it is easy for multiple persons to make additions and changes to the site allowing us to all record our own information and observe each other’s work.

To use this website we have a system that enables anyone to be easily able to access any information that is gathered about the Lake Restoration Project.  If you want to learn more about the individual testing sites or the techniques used to gather information they are easily found on the bottom of the main page in the center.  If you wish to learn more about what is happening that isn’t on this site click a link on the bottom of the same page on the left hand side.  To contact any of the webmasters leave a comment and we will try to adress your concern as soon as possible.


Lake Study

Hello! This is the page of the Weyauwega Lake Study. We will have testing results and pictures up as soon as we really get going. Thanks for coming by.  Try back later something may change.